Come One Come All Not Just for the New Members to the Catholic Faith!!!!! All are Welcomed!!!!!

Adult Faith Formation Starting Sunday January 9 there will be an adult faith formation class over in the Commons. Class will start after the 8:00 am Mass (9:10 a.m.) and end before the 10:30 a.m. Mass (10:20 a.m.). The classes will center around the seven Sacraments. We will discuss how the sacraments touch all stages life and the important moments of a Christian’s life of faith. Join us as we see the whole world through sacramental eyes.


Knights of Columbus “Enduring Faith”

ENDURING FAITH – A documentary film on the faith, perseverance, and inspiring example of Indigenous Peoples across North America – available for all to watch at

Indigenous communities across North America have a rich and vibrant testimony to share – both past and present – including the witness of their faith.  Enduring Faith: The Story of Native American Catholics dives deep into the rich contribution of Native Americans in the tapestry of the Catholic faith. Produced by the Knights of Columbus as part of its Faith Formation and Native Solidarity initiatives, the 60-minute documentary offers a missing piece to the greater story of Catholicism on the continent and a beautiful example of how Christ reveals himself through the uniqueness of every culture. A must watch with the family, classroom, or faith group. Available to all at . Please spread the word.