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Vocation Ministry: St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

St. Patrick’s has a newly formed Vocation Ministry to promote vocations in our parish.  A vocation is God’s invitation to love and serve him and his Church in a particular state or way of life, leading to holiness.  The Traveling Vocations Chalice began the weekend of Nov. 4 – 5.  The chalice is available to travel from home to home for one-week intervals.  During the week the host family will be asked to make a special effort to pray together with emphasis on an increase of vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and marriage, as well as a clear understanding as to the vocation Christ is calling each family member.  A binder of prayers will accompany the chalice.  If you are interested in receiving the chalice, or being a part of the vocation ministry team, call Kris Dona, 605-786-7882.